Mahamudra Community


The aim of the Community

Over a period of years many people have attended workshops and retreats lead by Rob Preece. Rob has a particular style of teaching that brings together aspects of Tibetan Buddhism and Western psychology. This helps to bridge the integration of Buddhist practice into Western life. To develop a personal meditation practice it is helpful to have the support of others who have similar practices and a similar view of practice. Without it we can lose our way and the growing shoots of our practice can wither.

As peoples' practice grows and deepens Rob introduces some of the more advanced Tantric practices when appropriate. This has also led to a core group of students that now have a good understanding of the principles of practice. These students are then able to help others with their practice and when possible lead meditation groups. These groups will provide a space to develop Mahamudra practice (Vipassana within the Tibetan tradition) and introduce some basic practices of Kryia Tantra. Currently they are based in Gloucestershire and South Devon.

Those who have attended the more advanced empowerments into the practices of Higher Tantra have also begun to form a community that has become increasingly important in practicing together. This has lead to two week long residential retreats each year one of which in June is a clossed retreat, the other in either November or December is open.

New comers: the meetings in both Gloucetershire and Devon are for new comers as well as those who have some relationship to practice.

Please support this growing community both for your own benefit as well as for the benefit of others.


Meditation Groups

Gradually a number of meditation groups are emerging that are associated with the Mahamudra community.

The intention of these groups is to provide a space for those who wish to develop their practice to be supported in doing so. They are mostly lead by people who have been practicing for some time and therefore have a relatively sound basis from which to lead meditation.

These groups will be supported by occasional weekend day retreats lead by Rob Preece. This will make it possible to have further instruction and guidance in practice particularly in the realm of Tantric practice.

Gloucestershire Mahamudra group:
led by Mary Harris meeting approximately monthly. For information contact Mary at

South Devon Mahamudra group: A fortnightly meditation group in Ashburton of South Devon led by Rob. It meets at The Space Upstairs, East Street, Ashburton and begins at 7.30pm till 9.00pm. For information contact Rob: