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Meditation and Movement Retreat

Embodying Compassionate Presence

Chenrezig Retreat




Rob Preece & Anna Murray-Preece

Brimpts Farm, Dartmeet, Devon


June 2 - 9, 2023

Fee £750 - £950*

(Please apply early, numbers limited to 12)

(A deposit of £400 is required to reserve a place.)


The practice of Chenrezig gives us the opportunity to receive and attune to a deep quality of compassionate presence. As we become increasingly familiar with this in ourselves we are then more able to offer this to others as an expression of Bodhichitta. Perhaps the most meaningful way we can be of benefit to another when they are suffering is to offer compassionate presence. This is a quality that can be totally present and open in a way that allows both ourselves and others to be as we are, free of agendas and expectations. When we experience this it enables our suffering to begin to move through because it is held safely with compassion. We have all needed this at different times in our life. Can we be this for ourselves as well as for others? Chenrezig is the Buddha of compassionate presence. He enables us to begin to discover and embody that quality in a way that can inform all of our relationships including to ourselves.

During this retreat the practice of Chenrezig will be combined with Mahamudra meditation and Healing Movement. Mahamudra helps to settle us in the spacious nature of awareness and compassionate presence. The process of movement is a significant aspect of the retreat and can enable a deepening of our capacity to transform and liberate our emotional life. It can also help to bridge the gap between our meditation practice and our daily lives. The movement practice can enhance our meditation practice by enabling us to free energy that may have become stuck in sitting practice. Rob will also introduce the practice of Mahakala, the wrathful aspect of Chenrezig, who can be a powerful ally during challenging times.


This retreat is for those who have some experience of Buddhist meditation. If you are interested but have not worked with Rob or Anna before we will need to meet or speak via Skype to have a clear sense of whether this retreat will be appropriate. 

*Those who are familiar with our retreats will notice we have changed how we are pricing them. We want our retreats be inclusive but have come to realise that we are not charging appropriately for increasing organisational costs. Therefore we are trying out a sliding scale. Please place yourself on this scale, between £750 and £950. We also have a bursary fund for those who need extra financial support and you are welcome to contribute to this if you would like.​


For further information please contact either 
For bookings please contact Anna



For further information please contact

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