Meditation and Movement Retreat

White Tara Retreat



Rob Preece & Anna Murray-Preece


Brimpts Farm, Dartmeet, Devon.


June 2 - 9

Fee £550

(Deposit £250. Numbers limited.)




Our human life is an extraordinary gift. It offers us the potential to awaken qualities that can bring profound meaning to our life, for our own sake but also for the welfare of others. But our life is also very fragile and can be limited and shortened by factors that are not always easy to overcome. These can be obstacle to our physical wellbeing as well as our natural vitality. White Tara is a deity associated with the capacity to clear life obstacles. She enables us to restore and replenish vitality that has been lost or drained by life stresses and to potentially clear karmic hindrances that can shorten our life.


This retreat will include a combination of meditation and movement to help restore and replenish in the wonderfully healthy environment of Dartmoor. Meditation on White Tara will be supported by the practice of mahamudra and healing movement. Mahamudra opens us to the source of our natural spacious nature, movement facilitates freeing what can become held and blocked in the body and our energetic nature. 


This retreat is appropriate for those who have some experience of Buddhist meditation.


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