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It is my intention to offer regular articles covering a variety of themes within the perspective of comparative Buddhism and Western Psychology. This will offer those interested in the relationship between Buddhist and Western psychology a place to explore current thought and new ideas. As Western psychotherapy increasingly adopts contemplative approaches, particularly from Buddhism, there is an important dialogue evolving on this relatively new frontier. There is also rich potential within the dialogue between Jungian thought and Tibetan Buddhism. 


This web page will present regular articles on themes such as the dialogue between Buddhism and Jungian thought, new paradigms in Transpersonal psychology, the relationship between creativity and Buddhism and the investigation of aspects of spiritual pathology.


I hope that this will open a dialogue with those interested in the contemporary integration of Buddhism.





Individuation or Institution

Spiritual Pathology

Living in the mandala

The teacher-student relationship- part 1

The teacher-student relationship- part 2

In the shadow of goodness 

Giving up

Devotion with Discernment 

Mandala offering 

Introduction to The psychology of Buddhist Tantra

Introduction to The Wisdom of Imperfection

Introduction to The Courage to Feel 

Introduction to Preparing for Tantra 

Introduction to Feeling wisdom



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