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Anna Murray Preece

Healing Movement - Rhythmic Healing


Rhythmic Healing is a body based therapeutic healing process that connects you to the source of your energy. It works with an inner alignment that enables what is stuck or held to find its way to release, safely and naturally through movement and stillness.


Rhythmic Healing supports greater alignment between the physical, emotional, mental, energetic, and spiritual aspects of being. From this healing, awareness and more capacity for presence flow. 


Rhythmic Healing encourages a strong, satisfying and joyful connection with yourself and your sense of belonging in the world.




Core Principles of Rhythmic Healing 


Trust in your Rhythm: 

As you connect with your rhythm, the more you align yourself with your core nature. This also helps you to attune to the environment within which you live and with those around you. 


Heart Connection:

Rhythmic Healing encourages a deepening of your connection to your heart, which brings a growing sense of compassion for yourself and others.


Embodied Presence

Becoming more present is both at the root of and a route to healing. At the root of Rhythmic Healing is learning to be present with who you are through awareness of self and your connection to body sensations and feelings


Readiness to Heal 

As you become more congruent with your own rhythm, healing occurs when you are ready. This means that when change happens, it is because you have developed the inner resources and ground to move on. In this way Rhythmic Healing is a safe and natural way to work. 



As you begin to trust the wisdom of your body, following what brings you joy and satisfaction takes you to a place of growing fulfillment in your life. 




Anna's Training


Anna has facilitated healing movement in many different contexts for nearly 20 years. In particular, ongoing groups, meditation retreats and with individuals. She has found this work benefits people with all kinds of needs, from those wanting to connect more deeply with their own process on an emotional, psychological or spiritual level, to those with more complex issues. She has worked on an ongoing basis with people with addiction, chronic illness such as ME and trauma of many kinds. Her aim is to offer a free and secure space for healing to unfold. 


Rhythmic Healing helps you to uncover your full potential. It enables an alignment of body and spirit allowing you to open to your inner journey and bring this more into manifestation in your life.


For more information regarding Anna's work in the areas of Rhythmic Healing, Plant Spirit Medicine and Core Process Psychotherapy please visit:




Program of classes:


Moving from the source

Movement Group Meeting Monthly

I will be continuing this Monthly Wednesday morning movement group at Harberton.

If you haven't been before and would like to join I am opening it to new members from 7th October.


This terms dates

Wednesdays: 7th Oct, 4th Nov and 2nd Dec

from 9.45 am - 1.15 pm.


Harberton Village Hall.


Cost: £25.00 per session, 

concessions £18 - £25


During these workshops we will be exploring the subtle nature of relationship, in all its forms.

It is a rich exploration, including opening to ourselves, others and the natural world to grow in our understanding of how we are in relationship. We will move indoors and out. Harberton Hall has a lovely open space to work in, so far we have moved with the wind and with the trees, in brilliant sunshine and hazy rain. As the weather changes through Autumn to Winter we will be able to feel these changes deeply in ourselves and our response to nature around us. 


Some of the things we will explore:

- Awakening to our inner landscape

- Exploring the threshold between ourselves and others

- Being attuned to yourself while open to others


We will explore these through movement, both individually and within the dynamic of the whole group. We will also work in relation to the elements in nature eg. the wind, the plants and trees, as well as the qualities of warmth, cold, texture and space. 


This workshop series is of particular relevance to those in a caring role with others, e.g. in a therapeutic role, or of parents or children as we will focusing on how we stay open to others, while staying open to ourselves and our own needs.


Please contact me for more information or to apply by email or phone 01364 631052. 




Rhythmic Healing Workshops:


Three afternoons 1.00 - 5.30pm; in Totnes (Staverton), Plymouth (Quaker House) and Tavistock (United Reformed Church).


Cost: £30/£25/£20 : Waged/Low/Unwaged


A unique movement healing process


"Every individual has their rhythm, just as they have their own heart beat. The rhythm of their life, the rhythm of their energy is their own inner healing."* 


Rhythmic Healing draws on this truth, facilating a depth of relaxation and openness that enables a process to begin that can unwind and release what is stuck or held so that healing can take place. 





Call of the Wind workshop 


The wind is often a challenging element, blowing us around this way and that, or so subtle that it can hardly be felt. As such our relationship with wind can serve as a clear reflection of how we relate, in our lives and with those around us. 


This workshop combines building your relationship to the wind with opening to the land, the seasons and elements in nature. We will do this through taking time indoors to deepen your connection with yourself and your body, then spending time outside on Dartmoor, being with the earth, the body of the land. From here we will open to the wind and environment around. We will see how it is to open, soften, listen, respond and be with sensations and feelings, thus deepening into these relationships.


For information phone Anna




Individual Sessions 


Individual sessions enable a process of personal exploration and healing. Anna works in Holne, Ashburton and Totnes, South Devon. 

Please contact Anna for more information phone 01364 631052

For further information on Anna's work contact:

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