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Essence of Tantra Series


Rob Preece

Essence of Tantra Series:

In this series of books following Tasting the Essence of Tantra, Rob Preece takes specific areas of tantra into more depth. He continues to follow the principles first taught by his teacher Lama Thubten Yeshe, bringing together the worlds of Western psychology and Buddhist understanding. It is his unique depth of experience of both worlds that gives this new series a sense of aliveness and creativity. This will be invaluable to both new and experienced practitioners to enable a deepening of the effectiveness of the tantric path.

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The Mandala and Visions of Wholeness 

Within Tibetan Buddhism and Jungian Psychology


Carl Jung saw the mandala as an extremely significant archetype within the human psyche that expressed itself time and again in different cultures. The need within us to bring this archetype of wholeness into material expression is testament to the importance of its presence. Possibly the most complex and intricate expression of the mandala is to be found within the Buddhist tantric tradition. In this book Rob Preece brings together the richness of understanding from the Tibetan tradition with the psychological insights gained through Jung’s exploration. This creates a synthesis that can be of great benefit to Western tantric practitioners both new and old.


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Heart Essence

Enhancing Qualities of the Awakening Mind

We live in uncertain times, and to engage in the world to serve the welfare of others requires great courage and dedication. In Buddhism, a bodhisattva is one whose life is dedicated to awaken in the service of others. A bodhisattva’s intention of bodhicitta, the awakening mind, is rooted in compassion, love and the courage to live in a challenging world, transforming adversity into the path of awakening. In Heart Essence, Rob Preece brings a fresh enquiry into the qualities that support a bodhisattva’s journey, including many of the psychological challenges encountered in the process of awakening. He draws on his years of experience both as a psychotherapist and a tantric practitioner to explore what needs to be cultivated to enhance the qualities of bodhicitta and also how we can embody these in our lives. This will be of value to those who aspire, particularly as tantric practitioners, to the life of a bodhisattva.

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