Meditation and Movement Retreat

Healing from the Source

Vajrasattva Retreat




Rob Preece & Anna Murray-Preece


Brimpts Farm, Dartmeet, Devon.


November 4 - 11, 2022

(Numbers will be limited so please apply early)

We each have within us an innate source of health, vitality and wisdom known as our Buddha Nature. In the Tantric tradition we can awaken a relationship to this source of healing through the practice of Vajrasattva. This retreat offers an opportunity to experience the extraordinary nature of this way of healing. It will combine the practices of Mahamudra and healing movement to enable the liberation and transformation of the energy of emotions, stress and tension held in the body. This year, particularly for those that have participated in previous years, there will also be the development of the practice of Tumo. 

Traditionally the practice of Vajrasattva is one of the preliminary practices for Tantra. It is regarded as profound foundation of awakening to our innate nature that can become a resource throughout our life. The process of movement is important to enable a deepening of our capacity to transform and liberate our emotional life. This also deepens the capacity for meditation and frees energy that can become stuck in sitting practice. The practice of Mahamudra opens us to the innate, pristine nature of the the mind and the experience of non-duality.

During this retreat we will also give time to develop the practices associated with the cultivation of Tummo or "inner heat" and will be particularly appropriate for those who have worked with Anna and Rob before. We will be exploring the healing potential of this practice at is opens up our relationship to the energy body.


This retreat is for those who have experience of meditation within the Buddhist tantric tradition, it is not considered an introduction for those without experience. Anyone wishing to attend who has not worked with either Rob or Anna, will be asked to meet or speak over Skype to see whether this retreat is appropriate. 


Fee £750

(A deposit of £350 is required to reserve a place.)


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