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Meditation and Movement Retreat

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Vajrapani Retreat 



Rob Preece & Anna Murray-Preece


Brimpts Farm, Dartmeet, Devon.


November 8-15, 2019

Fee £600

(Deposit £300. Numbers limited.)


Retreat Full


Many of us feel limited in our capacity to be effective in our lives. This may come from a sense of fear, powerlessness, inadequacy or vulnerability and usually reflects early wounding in our life. We hide and bury our power because we may be afraid it is too much and do not feel it is acceptable. One of the most destructive symptoms of our sense of powerlessness is anger and frustration. In this retreat we will explore our relationship to our power, and begin to discover what has limited it, how it lives within us and how we may begin to embody it skilfully and effectively. The deity Vajrapani is said to be the manifestation of the power of the awakened mind. He shows us how we may begin to embody our innate potential to manifest in our life what is most beneficial for the welfare of others. He is an expression of Bodhichitta and the capacity of the Bodhisattva to be effective in the service of others. If we are to cultivate the right relationship to our power to be effective we need to cultivate a clear quality of intention free of the ego’s limiting pre-occupation. 

During this retreat the practice of Vajrapani will be combined with Mahamudra meditation and healing movement. Mahamudra helps to settle us in the spacious nature of awareness and compassionate presence. The process of movement enables a deepening of our capacity to transform and liberate our emotional life. This then also increases our capacity for meditation and frees energy that can become stuck in sitting practice. 


This retreat is for those who have attended a retreat with Rob and Anna in the past. It is not for beginners within the path of tantra. If you are interested please contact Rob or Anna so that we can have a clear sense of whether this retreat will be appropriate for you. 


For further information please contact either 
For bookings please contact Anna



For further information please contact

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