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Rob Preece & Anna Murray Preece

Tibetan Buddhism


Contemporary Western Life


Dedicated to a comparative dialogue between Buddhism and Western psychology through meditation retreats, publishing books and articles. Offering specialised courses, workshops, and spiritual mentoring in the UK, Europe and USA.



Rob & Anna's work includes:


Meditation Retreats


2015 program with Rob in Europe and the US and with Anna in the UK.

Buddhist retreats exploring the practice of Tibetan Buddhism within contemporary western life incorporating the integration of meditation and movement.


Spiritual Mentoring


Rob now offers the opportunity to explore your individual journey of spiritual process and practice through a synthesis of Buddhist, Jungian and Transpersonal psychology and the experience of many years of work as a psychotherapist and meditation teacher. This can now be facilitated through SKYPE. 




Rob's books are dedicated to bridging Buddhism and Western psychology with particular emphasis on the relationship between Tibetan Buddhism and Jung.

Rob is also a Tangkha painter and presents here a gallery of his Tangkhas.




Offering articles covering a variety of themes within the perspective of comparative Buddhism and Western Psychology. 


For general information


Healing Movement


Workshops and classes with Anna.

For information contact:

phone 01364 631052 or go to

For further information on Rob's work contact:

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